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1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year on planet Earth (however, not all of them taste good). It's the planet's biggest and most widespread drink, by far.

Coffee is the world's second largest traded commodity after oil by value. We spend more on coffee than on bread.
The average coffee drinker consumes 4.6kg of roasted coffee per year (world's highest per capita is Finland at 11.4kg per year).

The coffee tree takes at least five years to produce the first harvest and lives for about 50 years. The typical coffee tree blooms with over 30,000 flowers, but the tree only produces a few kilograms of coffee every year.

There is no "one" coffee flavour - Arabica coffee contains over 900 different flavour compounds that react with water and change as you drink the cup - coffee is a unique flavour sensation.

The coffee beans are grown in various countries and blended to establish the exact taste required by different vendors. Bean-A-Mania have conducted extensive research into obtaining the required flavour, and have selected the beans that provide a distinct flavour that would suit many coffee lovers, without reverting to exorbitant pricing.

How the coffee is brewed is as critical to the taste as using freshly roasted pure Arabica coffee. You can mess up a perfectly good cup of coffee by using the wrong amount of coffee, the wrong grind, water that tastes bad or is too hot and the wrong brewing time.

With this in mind, Bean-A-Mania was formed to provide good coffee where it is traditionally not easy to find, and requires a bit of effort.