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Casual employment application for barista position with BEAN-A-MANIA

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Our mobile coffee units stand out from any other available trailers. They are built of strong and durable, but lightweight fibreglass, and have a very appealing appearance. The transparent portion allows you to watch your coffee being made – after all, pouring the perfect cappuccino is an art well worth watching.

Cost of Trailer Rental Includes:

  • Site establishment and setup at any venue of your choice – normally outdoors, but we have set up inside warehouses and airplane hangers, etc.
  • Standard beverages on our menu, which include:
    • Espresso
    • Cappuccino*
    • Café Latte*
    • Filter coffee
    • Hot chocolate**
    • Chococcino
  • Qualified Baristas to make the drinks
  • Coffee beans / Hot chocolate
  • Milk (fresh full cream – low fat can be arranged prior to event if required)
  • Ripple wrap paper cups and lids
  • Sugar
  • Water and all other requirements – the only requirement we have from you is a dedicated electrical point (220v 15 amp) within 20m

*Our Baristas are all trained to international standards, so you can be assured of a world class cappuccino / latte.

**We use at least half a cup of steamed frothy milk to mix the hot chocolate in, thereby creating a thick and delicious drink.

Contact us with your specific requirements for a quote