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Market Feasibility

Background Information:

  • Coffee is the largest traded beverage world wide
  • The South African coffee market is on the rise 
  • The average South African coffee consumer has become accustomed to the poor quality of coffee traditionally offered at events
  • At present, coffee consumers are not offered consistency of great coffee.  This is especially true at functions and events, where only instant coffee, and perhaps the occasional filter coffee, is available, normally in a polystyrene cup, with long life or powdered milk
  • South Africa is one of the only countries to have a wide variety in terms of how a cappuccino is made and supplied
  • This is not acceptable to a true coffee connoisseur

Bean-A-Mania strives to:

  • Provide espresso based coffee at sport and leisure functions, even in remote areas
  • Assist in educating the average coffee consumer in South Africa as to the enjoyment of pure espresso based coffee pleasure
  • Train baristas to give consumers the pleasure of a good coffee experience
  • Provide excellent service to the consumer that goes beyond the coffee taste 


  • There are limited numbers of providers that have a similar concept in providing espresso based coffee at events, but providing additional coffee outlets will shorten queues and cause event goers to wait less time for their preferred beverage
  • Many event organisers provide a “tea garden” where instant coffee is provided, but this is not our focus. Our customers are provided with a ready to drink cup of coffee in a high quality ripple wrap cup that won’t burn the hands, complete with sugar and a sip-through lid to avoid spillage whilst walking around