Application for Employment

Casual employment application for barista position with BEAN-A-MANIA

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Purpose Statement

The purpose of the business is to:

  • Provide espresso based coffee at sport and leisure functions and events from a mobile unit
  • Enhance the credibility of event organisers by providing their clients with speciality coffee
  • Keep with the latest trends, coffee varieties and preparation
  • Provide an excellent service to customers
  • Assist in educating the average coffee consumer in South Africa as to the enjoyment of pure espresso based coffee pleasure
  • Train baristas to give consumers the pleasure of a good coffee experience

Work Method

  • Bean-A-Mania will provide a holistic service to our customers
  • The customer will be able to walk away with their preferred beverage ready to drink
  • The cups we provide are high quality ripple-wrap cups that maintain the temperature of the coffee without burning the hands of the customer
  • All Baristas will undergo training before being allowed to serve customers, and will be checked for consistency of performance on an ongoing basis
  • The mobile unit is fully self contained, and we undertake to leave the facilities as we found them, without undue impact on the environment